“Beginning is easy — continuing hard.”

– Japanese Proverb

The Japanese nailed it. I’m not bad with beginnings. It’s the getting on with it that I struggle with, that ‘seeing it through’ bit that does me in. Endings, however, I’ve proven I can smash out pretty well.

A month or two ago I was fiddling around with the old Life According to Dool site (which you may have noticed is no longer with us) in a vain attempt to set fire to the tumbleweeds and vacuum up the cobwebs. It had been months, maybe a year since I’d written a post. I guess I’d gotten lazy. These were some serious cobwebs—not unlike the ones in that creepy forest scene in the latest Hobbit film where disgusting bohemoth spiders entangle Baggins and his dwarf cabal so as to devour them whole. I caught The Hobbit last night at IMAX. Riveting, though Peter Jackson’s aneurism-inducing 48 per second frame rate did something irreparable to my retinas and brain, and real life today just doesn’t seem to cut it.

Back to the crisis of the Dool site…

My housekeeping job went awry. I was careless, set fire to the wrong bits, hoovered things that shouldn’t have been hoovered. Somehow I had destroyed the whole thing, my repository (or in our Prime Minister’s case, ‘suppository’) of old content, swallowed by the great cyber-abyss. I recognised then, staring into a white screen of death, that it was time for overhaul. Hell, there was no other option. I began to envisage something fresh, something spruce and snazzy, with a whole lot of other sexy adjectives. A new site—lean, sharp and top-notch.

People, I welcome you to the new, improved Life According to Dool.

There’s no great mission in mind with this one, no altruistic, new age manifesto, no mystical vision—just good writing, and with any luck, a bit of consistency.

With abrupt endings come fresh beginnings. It’s just that middle bit I’ve got to sort out.

My advice here is to expect nothing. Expectations are tough to adhere to. I’ll aim for one offering a week, see how we go. In the meantime, go get your retinas pummeled by The Hobbit.

I’ll get to work and do my best to not set fire to anything.


Jan 7 2014

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